Scotty B.

Lisa Beck
Lisa was born on Long Island, New York in 1963 and moved to Florida in 1977 at the age of 14. That is when she discovered her love of Music.

She started singing in church and at the age of 16 ran the music program at her church in Crystal River, FL. She was also involved in prison ministry where she sang to the inmates in the local prisons.

In 2009, she moved to The Villages and in 2011 started singing in many of the venues including, Country Clubs, Restaurants and Private Club Parties and The Villages' Town Squares.

Over the years, she has expanded her music to include Oldies, Motown, Disco, Rock, Country and today's hits.  

She has joined with Scotty B. who is an excellent drummer and vocalist and together they go by the name 
"Rock Solid"
Scotty B. is of Hungarian decent and was born in Pittsburgh, PA but currently lives in Ocala FL.

He has played all types of music including Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Country, Rock and Latin music.  He has even been a part of a Barbershop Quartet and was a street performer.
He currently works in the advertising field during the day and at night performs at various venues.

Scotty has two children, a son in Pittsburgh and a daughter who lives in Virginia.  He also has 2 grandchildren.

Scotty plays many different instruments, but is well known for his drumming and vocals.  Music has been a big part of his life and he enjoys performing whenever he can.